13 Checklists That You Should Know Before Learning To Play Guitar

If you're planning to learn guitar, here is the 13 things that you should know before you learn guitar a s according to singer songwriter James Bay. This would be a good reference even if you are already a good guitar player and you can contest whether this is true.

So who is James Bay?

Bay is an English singer-songwriter who has released his first album, Chaos and the Calm, in March, won the Critics' Choice Brit Award

He has nabbed a highly coveted spot opening for Taylor Swift on the European leg of her 1989 world tour. Before all that, however, Bay was just another Stones-obsessed teenager with a hand-me-down guitar.

He taught himself to play by strumming along to his favorite records and developed his back-to-basics sound in the process.

Here is his 13 things you must know before learning guitar.

1. Your fingers are going to hurt.


Your fingers are going to hurt a lot, for a long time. The pain will go and the pain will come back and you'll think it will never go again. For a long time you just feel like it's never-ending agony.

2. You're going to get hand cramps.

3. Get used to tuning and restringing your guitar — you're going to have to do it a lot.

5. Practice is more important than gear.

Before you learn how to play guitar, you have to accept that you're going to spend a lot of time breaking strings and losing strings. So, you're going to spend a lot of time restringing. You have to get your head around that first, because that's really boring.

4. You're going to suck at first — embrace it.

5. Practice is more important than gear.

Start simple. There's a great Jeff Beck quote. He said, "The best guitarists can make anything sound good." You could buy, like, a $20 guitar from a crappy corner store and if you can really play, then you can make it sound good. That doesn't have anything to do with gear — that's about what your fingers can do.

6. Play with more experienced guitarists.

7. There's a reason electrical guitars are easier to play.

8. Artistic expression is more important than technical skills.

9. There are a lot of ways to learn; choose the one that's right for you.

10. Practice, practice, practice!

11. Embrace all genres of music.

12. Patience is a virtue.

13. Guitars are not edible — no matter how delicious they may look.

So this are the 13 checklists that you should know before you start playing a guitar. 

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