The Top 5 Worst What To Eat Food After Working Out


Any gymmer would knows that what you get out of your body is a direct reflection of what you put into it. In short, what you put is what you get. There are many foo products to be misused or for unhealthy ingredients that you should be aware and not taking chances with them

For starters, here is the 5 foods may have you fooled by their healthy-seeming claims but thanks to hidden fat or sugar (or worse!), you're better off leaving them on the shelf.

1. Vitamin Water

Vitamins and water. That sounds healthy and what could be more healthy than that? The answer is plain old H2O, for one thing. "If you're going to take something, take a multivitamin—and get the rest of your nutrients from real food," says Barbara Lewin, R.D., a sports nutritionist in Fort Meyers, Florida."Otherwise, you can end up with much higher amounts that what's needed of some vitamins, and not enough of everything else."

She also added that many flavored H2O drinks are filled with sugar, which can contribute to weight gain and hamper gym rats performance. There are even artificial sweeteners, which have been linked to cancer and obesity. Most flavors of Vitamin Water, for example, contain 120 calories and more than 30 grams of sugar per bottle.

2. Fruit Juice

If you're in the habit of pouring yourself a big glass of fruit juice with breakfast every morning, you may want to rethink your routine. "The only times I recommend fruit juice is when I have really underweight patients," says Jill Pluhar, R.D., a nutritionist with Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

"By the time juice is juice, it's usually been so processed that the majority of vitamins and minerals—and fiber—have been removed." Stick with whole fruits instead, she adds, which have built-in portion control: about 60 to 100 calories per fruit. With juice, on the other hand, it's easy to pour yourself 200 to 300 calories in one sitting.

3. Powerade and Powerade Zero

Powerade contains high-fructose corn syrup, a synthetic blend of sugars that's been tied to the nation's obesity epidemic.  That doesn't mean that its calorie-free line of Powerade Zero drinks (flavored with controversial sweeteners sucralose and acesulfame) is any better for you, though. "If you're working out for more than an hour, you don't want a low or no calorie sports drink," says Lewin. "You need to replenish with real calories and this is not the time to be thinking about diet drinks."

4. Frappuccinos

Yes, coffee can be great fuel for athletes where it's packed with antioxidants, and its caffeine has been shown to help enhance performance, to boot. But when it's combined with milk, cream, and flavor add-ins like chocolate and caramel, they become sugar and fat traps that will do little more than weigh you down in the long run.

5. Snapple Iced Tea

Bottled tea certainly isn't the worst thing you can drink, but it's likely not delivering all of the health benefits it promises, either. A 2010 study from the American Chemical Society tested six brands of bottled tea and found that they all had very few, if any, antioxidant properties. Some had such small amounts that you'd have to drink 20 bottles to receive the health benefits of one cup brewed from a tea bag.

Snapple lovers got more bad luck in 2013, when a ConsumerLab study found that the brand's diet green tea contained almost none of the powerful antioxidant green tea is known for, EGCG. When you also consider the fact that most bottled teas (including Snapple) are sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners, it's easy to see why brewing your own is a smarter choice.

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