7 Jewelry That Gym Goers Cannot Resist

Many gym goers like to wear gym jewelry to show their passion for gym, fitness and workout. They get excited when they get compliments from their friends at the gym. We have been promoting gym jewelries to gym goers for more than 6 months and we receive feedbacks from our customers. Based on our customers' feedback here are the top 5 favourite gym jewelry. 

1. Hardcore Gym Necklace

Hardcore Gym Necklace

This the best selling necklace. This pendant is of a dumbbell 3D shape. It has a simple design but at first glance you will know it is a dumbbell. It comes with 3 colors - Silver, Black and Gold. Most popular color is Silver. Read more details here - Hardcore Gym Necklace.

2. Me Vs Me Gym Necklace

Me vs Me Gym Necklace

This necklace sends a message to gym goers that toning and building their body is not a competition with anyone else except themselves. Sculpting a beautiful and toned body is for who - "It is for 'Me' and no one else. Thus it is 'Me' who is going through the pain. It is 'Me' whom I am competing with." Read more details here - Me vs Me Necklace.

3. Diehard Gym Necklace

DieHard Gym Necklace

Having a hand holding a dumbbell, what else do we need to explain? This necklace really caters for people who loves their dumbbell, gym, fitness and workout. Available in Silver, Black and Gold color. The best selling color is black. Read more details here - Diehard Gym Necklace.

4. I Choose Strength Gym Necklace

 I Choose Strength Gym Necklace

If you love barbell and self motivation quotes, you may like this necklace. There are variety of meaningful and powerful messages to choose from. Read more details here - I Choose Strength Gym Necklace.

5. Live to Lift Gym Bracelet

 Live to Lift Gym Bracelet

Simple and yet elegant bracelet to show what is important for gym fans. This black beads bracelet is suitable for both men and women to wear. The dumbbell is available in gold and black color too. Read more details here - Live to Lift Gym Bracelet.

6. Fit Life Bracelet

Fit Life Bracelet

Like the bracelet above but you prefer a different message on the dumbbell and different color beads? The ultimate goal for gym goers is to have a Fit Life. Couple with white beads, it shows purity and the wearer has a clear and defined goal. Read more details here - Fit Life Bracelet.

7. Weightlifting Dual Tags Necklace

Weightlifting Dual Tags Necklace

If you love weightlifting, this is a must have necklace. It has dual tags/pendants. Top tag has the weightlifting image and the bottom tag is plain. The color is so vibrant and you can see from a distance! This makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves weightlifting. Read more details here - Weightlifting Dual Tags Necklace.

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