Let The Rock Teaches You How To Warm Up Hips & Improve Thrust Game

How important is warm up?

Well ... Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson proves the point that no matter how strong and young you are, warming up your hips is necessary no matter your routine.

The truth is "The Rock" wasn’t lying when he said strong hips can help you in the bedroom. You know .. doing that baby thing :)

As for Johnson, it’s amazing that he still has time to stay in tip-top shape with the recent release of The Fate of the Furious, the upcoming Baywatch film, and other projects down the pipeline.

Well guess that you make your own time if you wanna reach your own goal. 

Fun warmup activating glutes and hips before destroying legs. 5 second hold at the top, squeezed, with resistance bands above the knees using 225lbs. Gotta warm up properly due to all my sexy lower body injuries from years of wrestling and football (two L4 & L5 low back disc ruptures, five knee surgeries, torn Achilles, tore both my quad and adductor from my pelvis and repaired three hernias all in one lovely emergency surgery). Lots of fun pain, but we fight thru it and come back stronger and better. Plus this exercise showcases the relentless power in my thrust game which is my jam when we practice making babies. 😉💪🏾🦍 Who wants extra cheese on their pizza? Because I got endless amounts with that last paragraph. Bottom line/ do your warm ups. They're critical. #LegDay #BattleScarred #WarmUps #AkaBabyMakers #TheDungeon

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