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I am Margaret and I am a mother of 3 gorgeous children.

I always believe that to give a gift, the gift must be special and unique. The person who receives the present will remember that special moment and will keep you inside their heart. 

Few months ago, I was having a problem finding gym necklace for my fitness friend for her birthday present. Local gift stores and supermarkets don't sell this kind of speciality necklace. I've tried to search in Google and Amazon and nothing came to me as unique and special. After some searches, I managed to find unique gym necklace. I bought it and have delivered it to my home. I checked the quality first, ensure everything is ok, wrapped it up nicely and then gave it to my friend. To my surprise my friend absolutely loved the gym necklace. My friend and I posted this happy news on Facebook and many other of my gym friends wanted to have their own too. I've ordered the stocks and sold it to my other friends. 

Check out this video to see how the gym necklace looks like. Click here to know more about this necklace.


Several weeks later, my music friends asked me for my help to find products for guitarist and musicians. I found some unique guitar and music products for them to choose and they loved it too. From then onwards, my friends then recommends to their friends about this service that I offer.

Later, I thought to myself, to ease my friends ordering these unique products that I found why don't I have an online store. I also thought why not help other people who has a need to find unique gifts and products too. That's how DealsNavigator.com was born. Each products listed in DealsNavigator.com were hand picked by me and it is ensured with good quality.

Until today, I have handpicked unique gifts for music lovers, fitness lovers, special kitchen tools and home products. Since you reading this, I believe you have the need to purchase the 'special gift' for your friends, children, grandparents, colleagues or your spouse. I hope you are able to find the unique gift or product for yourself and your loved ones.

If you need help to find specific product that is not listed in my store, do let me know by dropping an email to me at hello@dealsnavigator.com. I will help you to find the special and unique gift.  


"It is tough to find the 'special gift', but it is memorable to present an unique gift to our loved ones."

- Founder of DealsNavigator.com