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Return Policy

In the event you are unhappy with your order, please contact our support department first. 

All our merchandise is ‘made-to-order’ and as soon as it is sent to our production team after you order, no changes can be made at all. We do not hold stock so we are unable to make any exchanges. If there is a mistake and it’s our fault, we will happily accept returns and send a replacement at our own cost.

All full all-over photographic style print garments cannot be returned or even exchanged, unless there was a screw up on our part, because each item is ‘made-to-order’ and we don’t restock or reship these items. All items are custom ’made-to-order’ when you buy from us.

On receiving your order, all orders are immediately sent to our print-on-demand production house, it is therefore extremely unlikely that any changes to your order, or delivery details can be changed. We can try, but there is no guarantee.

Items that are non returnable are:

If the worst has happened and you'd like to do a return, please send us an email at