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Easy To Use Meatball Maker Machine

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This is an amazing product for meat lovers, this meatball maker helps you to make the perfect meatball, but not just that, you also can make stuffed meatballs using you're favourite ingredients inside.
It's very easy to use, just put the meat on the middle, then grab the white part of the product and press it to the meat on the middle, then you can put the ingredients inside, then grab the meat and put it in the red part on the side and close your meatball with it, then you have your stuffed meatball done!

How to Use:
Step 1: Fill With Meat Fill each of the eight red, circle-shaped containers within your Meatball Maker Machine with meat. If you're going to stuff potatoes, rice, or something else instead, meat can be replaced by an alternative ingredient during this step.
Step 2: Create Pockets for Stuffing. If you're going to stuff your creations, use the white sidebar to press down on the four centre containers. This will create a little pocket for your stuffing to be placed within. Those users who do not want to stuff their meatballs should proceed to Step 4.
Step 3: Add Stuffing. Within the pocket you created, add cheese, vegetables, sauce, and / or whatever other ingredients you wish to stuff your meatballs with.
Step 4: Seal Meatballs. Fold the red containers on the left over the red containers in the centre of the device in order to create and seal four large meatballs.
​Step 5: Cook and Enjoy. Once your meatballs are created and sealed, remove them from the Mighty Meatball and cook them alone, or add them to a dish you're whipping up.
  • This is a creative kitchen tool for you to make meatball or even fish ball with ease.
  • It's great to use design and easy to clean
  • Material: Plastic (BPA free)
  • Color: Red and White • Size: 18cm x 23.7cm x 4.5cm / 7.09" x 9.33" x 1.77" •
  • Package include: 1 x Meatball Maker Machine

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