Magnetic Window Cleaner

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  • Cleaning windows can be quite difficult especially when you have to clean both sides. But with the all new Magnetic Window Cleaner, you can clean both sides of the window at the same time!
  • Made from sophisticated and durable ABS production material that is practical, solid, and drop-free.
  • It has a unique water storage sponge so you don’t have to keep on adding water again and again.
  • Its triangular shape cleans more thoroughly even in the corners.
  • Its oval handle makes it easier to operate and use.
  • It cleans really well and has soft, wear-resistant, anti-acid and alkali features that offers long service life. 
  • Material: plastic + rubber + magnet
  • Fit for ( 5-12 mm glass) single-layer glass, tempered glass, french windows, glass walls/doors, and glass partitions.


  1.  Fasten the rope to prevent falling.
  2. Rotate the device to open the Magnetic cleaner.
  3. Immerse in water until sponge fully absorbs water.
  4. Put the bleach or any window cleaning product on the sponge.
  5. Rub together evenly until foam is produced.
  6. Sprinkle water on the window glass.
  7. Put the cleaner with the safety rope outside, while cleaning the inner side of the window. The cleaner on the outer window will stick to the cleaner on the inner window because of the magnet.
  8. Just move the cleaner from the inside window and the outside cleaner will just follow.
  9. Once done, just rotate the two cleaners to remove it.

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